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Summer Makeup Looks: New Inspirations for a More Colorful Summer Makeup


The sun is shining brightly, the days are getting longer, and summer makeup is on our thoughts. Bronze skin and beachy hair are a given for our summer beauty looks, and while natural, no-makeup makeup is a favorite for fun in the sun, there's something about summer that brings out our bright side. We are embracing all of the season's bold hues, including bright cherry lips, turquoise eyeliners, and a tonne of sunny shadows that will help you stand out. Do you need some inspiration to update your makeup looks? Ash Walker, a model, beauty expert, and actor, has provided us with some simple, cheerful beauty ideas and makeup advice. To join in on the summer beauty fun, keep scrolling!

1. Tropical Winged Liner

We would have a lot if we could keep track of how frequently we've recently pressed "save" on inner corner eyeliner looks. With Walker's stunning colorful rendition (which makes us yearn for a tropical vacation), this very fun eye makeup trend is at the top of our list of summer looks to attempt. Its creation: From the center of your lash line to the outer corner of your eye, Walker advises lining your eyelids with vivid orange eyeliner. then lift off and depart. Apply yellow shadow in a sideways "V" shape to the inner corner of your eyes and link it to the orange on your upper lash line using a flat, angled eyeshadow brush.

Finish by putting a small amount of light blue to the bottom inner corner of your eyes. (Walker utilized hues of yellow and blue from the Sapphire-colored HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette).

  • Expert Advice: According to Walker, "I like to start with mascara first so I don't have to worry about it going on my eyeshadow once I apply it and it also helps me create a stronger, longer lash."

2. Pretty Pastel Shimmer

A pastel eye look is the epitome of carefree summer days, and this stunning, glittery rendition is the perfect touch of flair for day or night. Bonus: Shiny pigments will reflect light and give an immediate glow (no filter needed). Here's how to achieve it: Walker advises blending light brown eyeshadow (she chose SHAINA B MIAMI Makeup in Wynwood) into your eye crease and outer eye corner using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Then draw a delicate wing with mauve eyeliner. On the inner corner of your eye, mix shimmery light blue shadow straight up toward your crease. Tap the rose gold shadow to complete.

  • Pro Tip: Walker used THE BALM COSMETICS AutoBalm Pic Perfect Palette in Ocean Drive (a medium brown shade) on the outside corner of her eye near the lash line to add depth and make her lashes appear fuller.

3. Playful, Pink Wings

When it comes to winged liner, we've tried every color under the sun—purples, greens, and (of course) black—but we have to confess that pinkish coral wings are the most entertaining. Your summer liner looks will be elevated by switching up your standard liner for something more vibrant. Here's how to achieve it: According to Walker, line, and wing out your eyes with coral eyeliner. Then, using a small, light-handed motion, blend a golden-brown shadow from the outside corner of your lash line up through your outer crease and onto your lower lash line. Use your finger to dab a little circle of a vivid yellow-green shadow (she used HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Sapphire) onto your lid.

4. Brights and Blues

Blue shadow is becoming quite popular again, although it's nothing like the solid colour washes of the 1980s. One of the more striking shadow styles we've seen so far features horizontal layers of neon yellow, green, and blue. Walker used a combination of brights from the HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Sapphire to make it, however you could use just about any combination of brights! Simply smear light green from your inner corner of your eye down the length of your brow. Below the bright green, add a sweep of light blue or teal. Lightly mix a dark, shimmering blue colour from your top lash line to your eye crease.


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