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Your favorite celebrities have co-signed The Top Fall Makeup Looks


Now that fall has here, we're all starting to warm up everything from our home décor to our clothing. Don't forget to change your autumn makeup looks with the same seasonal improvements as you make these other adjustments.

No of the season, you should wear whatever makeup looks beautiful on you, but it may also be enjoyable to include hues and colours that feel particularly topical and seasonally appropriate. Fall makeup tends to veer a bit more toward a cosier, warmer palette with deeper eye and lip colours, whereas summer makeup is all about vibrant flashes of colour, bold lips, and sunkissed skin.

You're in luck if you're prepared to refresh your cosmetics look for fall. We've featured 21 autumn events below.

You're in luck if you're prepared to refresh your cosmetics look for fall. We've featured gorgeous fall beauty trends below. There is something in here for you, regardless of your skin tone or the event you're designing a cosmetic look for.

Emerald Eyes

The fall and winter seasons are equally perfect for this vibrant smokey eye. Zendaya is wearing a jewel-toned emerald green eyeshadow instead of the usual browns and greys, which will undoubtedly glow against all skin tones. Find an eyeshadow palette with a variety of green shades in it, such as HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Emerald, to make this look extra simple.

Graphics with vibrant lines

The devil is in the details (and a steady hand!) with this graphic liner. An extremely little detail brush, such as the sort you can get at a craft shop, is advised by makeup artist Paige Pelfrey. To make eyeliner, simply moisten the brush and dunk it into your preferred shade. For this, Pelfrey prefers the THR BEAUTY Moonlight Palette, but you can also use your preferred color of eyeliner.

Brown Eyes

Use those shimmering, golden leaves as the basis for your upcoming beauty style. Here, Tessa Thompson's makeup artist uses delicate and understated gold eye makeup that draws inspiration from the season's amber tones. Apply your preferred gold eyeshadow to the entire lid (we recommend WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess Rush Eyeshadow Palette), then add a pencil-thin cat eye and a couple of coats of curling mascara. Put the shade in the inner corners of the eyes for the brightest glitter to intensify that golden shine even more.

Green Wing

Winged liner is a traditional look that will never go out of style, but Pelfrey's version with deep green and glitter gives it a contemporary spin. Unsure about your ability to fly a liner? Follow Pelfrey's suggestion: "To get this appearance, I first drew the wing with a liner brush and a shadow. The bottom lash line received glitter next. This perfectly completes the style. Pelfrey makes use of the Moonlight Palette by THR BEAUTY to get those vibrant green tones.

Lashes and Lips

Want to have a striking lip? All of us support it! Maintain the rest of your outfit modest to keep it trendy. According to Pelfrey, "keep this look simple with very little cheek color and the focus being a matte red lip." The simplicity doesn't stop there, though. This is a lash look, so there's no need for eyeliner or shadow, either, she continues. Pelfrey piled up on the mascara after brushing on a coat of M2U NYC Matte Liquid Lips in Queens. Try the CIATÉ LONDON Wonderwand Mascara to get her epic volume.


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