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Advice For Applying Makeup Skillfully If You Have a Pale Complexion


The best thing about makeup is how completely customized it is. Everything depends on the image you want to achieve, how much makeup you feel comfortable wearing, the color of your hair, and most crucially, the tone of your skin. What complements persons with darker skin tones may not look quite as good on others with lighter skin tones. We're providing eight professional beauty ideas for people with fair skin if you're looking for some advice on how to stock your pale face makeup kit. Prepare your makeup brushes!

1. Always use SPF

First things first: sunscreen is always a step you should include in your skincare routine, regardless of what shade range your skin tone falls into. Additionally, those with lighter skin are more likely to burn and get red rapidly from exposure to the sun rather than tanning. Make sure to apply again, again, and again!

Apply the TULA Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen SPF 30 Gel before applying makeup if you're searching for a lightweight, quickly absorbing moisturizer or sunscreen that also helps to brighten the skin over time. Try SUPERGOOP for a rapid reapplication option that won't muck up your makeup! 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35 for (re)setting. It is simple and portable.

2. Search for makeup with an integrated SPF.

You may also seek out multipurpose face makeup that has SPF if you like to use as few items as possible. Try the Purlisse Beauty Illuminating BB Cream with SPF 30 for the perfect summertime solution with a moisturizing, natural look.

If you want to cover up any blemishes or dark circles, it's simple to get full coverage foundations and concealers. They'll protect skin while also making it seem incredibly smooth. It depends more on your own preferences than your skin tone whether you choose a matte or dewy finish that looks more natural.

An SPF of 30 or above should provide enough everyday protection.

3. Use Cool-Toned Bronzing Powder.

Avoid orangey-reddish toned bronzers, advises celebrity makeup artist Ellen Bodkins of NYC. "Dark bronzers don't look particularly attractive on a fair complexion. Instead, she advises purchasing very pale beige shades like THE BEAUTY CROP's Sardinia Sand Bronzer.

4. Ensure that the bronzer is thoroughly blended in.

Spending a little additional time blending your bronzer is vital since streaks may be particularly noticeable on light skin tones. "Make sure your skin and the application brush are completely dry to prevent streaking. For flawless blending, using a bigger flat-headed brush is also beneficial "claims Bodkins. Press & Set Bronzing Brush by COMPLEX CULTURE is one of our favourites.

Bodkins continues with this top makeup advice: "Don't forget to apply bronzer to the sides of your neck and along your jawline. Your skin tone will be even thanks to this, especially in those quick photos."

5. Be daring with your lip colour

When it comes to lip colours [for light complexion], bright, neutral, and brown-based pinks are always a safe bet, according to Bodkins. The colours "neutral, peachy, and orangey-red are also excellent choices." On the other hand, she claims that brown, dark plum, wine, or orange-toned lipsticks have a tendency to make the complexion appear washed out.


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