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Makeup Advice for Each Type of Eye


bly varied, with a vast range of sizes, hues, and shapes. Additionally, there are many cosmetic enhancement techniques and advice for every eye shape. Are you unsure of the form of your eyes? We have your back. Beforehand, we spoke with Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist Tim Quinn to obtain his professional guidance on all the makeup tricks for each eye shape and how to highlight their individual features. But keep in mind that everyone can wear any kind of makeup they choose. These pointers are only recommendations for how to identify and emphasise your distinctive eye form.

Makeup for monolid eyes

A small amount of eyeshadow is all that is required to accentuate a monolid eye shape. Use the same shade on your top lid and lower lashline, blending it outward and linking them to complement and lengthen this eye shape, advises Renee. Also, don't be afraid to use eyeliner. Your monolids' natural beauty may be enhanced and defined in this way. Avoid heavy liners that may smear or disappear on the top lid, advises Wyman. Try using a gel eyeliner on the outside third of your eye instead, or smudge a deeper matte shadow colour on the outside margins of your eyelid and lower lash line.

Makeup for hooded eyes

You should design an eye look that offers the appearance of opening up the lid since a hooded eye shape might naturally make the eyes appear smaller. The outer two-thirds of the lid should be blended with a richer hue to add depth and character, advises Renee. To avoid shutting in her eyes, she cautions against putting the darker shade beyond the central point of the lid. "Help expand your eye region by applying a light, shimmering shadow to your inner corners," Nicolet advises.

Dark shadow looks and thick liner, according to Wyman, "would seal the eyes in deeper. To "fake the crease" and add some depth just above the natural crease line, use mid-tone matte shadows while keeping your eyes open, then mix with a fluffy brush. Apply eyeliner while keeping your eyes open and facing forward to create symmetry and ensure that it will be visible when your eyes are open. Then, to make eyes look more wide and more alert, add lashes with slightly longer center and shorter inner and outer corners. Another fantastic method for opening your eyes is to curl your lashes before applying mascara.

Makeup for upturned eyes

Reneet advises utilising a tightline approach with your pencil eyeliner to accentuate upturned eyes without making them appear smaller. To make a complete lash line, "line as closely to the lashes as you can and smudge into the lashes." Another really entertaining approach to improve upturned eyes is with winged eyes. Winged eyeliner or smoky or smeared shadows applied to the upper lash line and partially the lower lash line may be used to play up or emphasise this eye shape, according to Wyman. Individual or partial eyelashes on the outside corners are also quite attractive.

Makeup for downturned eyes

You and your favorite cosmetics item? Highlighter. Avoid using dark undereye concealers and really play up the highlight on your brow bone to give this eye shape additional lift, advises Renee. Or, to bring the eye upward, use a traditional cat eye. This eye shape can wear a winged liner like no other! The makeup expert advises using a classic natural-toned lid and wing liner to accentuate this contour. Several don'ts? Do not apply eyeliner or shadow all the way to the outer corners of the eyes, advises Wyman. Instead, to create a lifting impression, stop before the outer corner begins to descend and draw the shadow or liner just slightly upward.

Makeup for round eyes

Take advantage of the fact that your eyes are essentially a blank canvas and play around with eye makeup. Play up your top lash line and outside corners advises Wyman. "Always blend outwards, and try deeper shadows in a gradient to enhance depth on the outer corners. Or, for a raised appearance, consider a winged liner. Another way to draw attention to round eyes is to apply a shimmering shadow directly above the iris in the lid's center. It's fun to experiment with colour on people with round eyes. Try a vibrant color wash across the entire lid to draw attention to your eye form and make use of your eyelid area, advises Renee.


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