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The Top Makeup Trends of 2023 Are Here


We've been impatiently waiting (OK, everyday combing social media) for the following year's beauty trends to arrive, from the NYFW runways to our fave makeup artist suggestions. Will cosmetics be bolder? Will bleached brows return in style? (Spoiler: It's true!) The most crucial question is: Will we be able to replicate them on our own?

You've come to the correct place if you share our enthusiasm for the beauty predictions for the year 2023. The most interesting beauty trends for 2023 and how to make them your own were the topics of our conversation with famous makeup artists Nick Lujan and Jamie Greenberg.

What will thus change this year and what will endure? According to Lujan, feathered brows will still be popular, but the bleach brow trend is making a comeback. And lips are leading the way with vibrant reds, purples, and lots of high-shine gloss toppers now that the pandemic mask regulations have been lifted. Added good news, please. Statement eyes remain fixed! According to Lujan, blues, greens, and ornamentation will continue till 2023. The barely-there foundation, skin hues, and skinimalism will all be everyone's greatest friends for skin.

Ready to explore the top cosmetics trends for 2023? Read on for our top and expert makeup advice for recreating them all at home.

1. Highlight the Glazed Temple

You have definitely noticed the glazed doughnut trend or dewy, glazed skin trend all over TikTok. With moisturizing skincare and glow-enhancing cosmetics, it's all about achieving that glossy appearance. "Pushing the limits of highlight and glass skin to the next level, and prioritizing placement on the temple and orbital bone, rather the cheek," claims Lujan, is what we'll be doing in 2023.

According to Lujan, the glazed temple style "is a striking, light-reflecting, flash of highlight on the temples. In essence, all of the cheek highlight is being moved to the temple and orbital bone so that when you switch on your personal catwalk or angle your face, the light reflects with a flash.

This is how to make it: As a finishing touch, add a drop of liquid highlighter (Lujan prefers KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY Glass Glow Face) to the area of your palm between your thumb and wrist. Press your palms together to evenly spread the product between the two. Next, lightly press down on the temples, near to the hairline and away from the eyes.

2. Bleached Brows

When it comes to brows, bleached brows are making a comeback, and feathery brows are here to stay. Bleached brows are a popular trend this year because they "soften the frame of the eye region and concentrate all attention on the lashes and lids," according to Lujan.

As an alternative to committing to the bleached brow result permanently, Lujan continues, "I prefer to use a "faux bleach brow" treatment since it's quick and efficient." This is how: First, Lujan advises picking a shade of KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY Sensual Skin Enhancer that matches your skin tone the closest. “ I use a brow brush to apply it in opposition to the brows' natural hair growth cycle. Then, style the brow hairs in the direction that they grow with the same brow brush.

3. Patent Leather Lips

Red lips are always in vogue. This year's red, which Lujan defines as "strong red, long-wear lip with a high shine gloss topper," has a distinctly edgy vibe. Lujan makes it by applying a thin coating of translucent powder during application, extending the wear-time of colour. "Form the lips and lay a basis by using a neutral pencil. Use transparent setting powder to adhere. Apply a striking matte red lip colour, then set it with a clear setting powder. After letting the powder settle on the lips for a time, dust off the extra, then apply a luscious clear lip gloss.


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