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Makeup Tricks for Almond-Shaped Eyes


There are no excellent or poor eye forms; all eyes are lovely and distinctive in their own way. However, understanding your individual eye shape may make applying eyeshadow and eyeliner easier and more attractive. Today we're going to discuss almond-shaped eyes. If the iris (the colored component of your eye) touches both the top and bottom waterlines, you most likely have almond-shaped eyes. Your eyelids most likely have a noticeable crease, and the outer corners of your eyes may be somewhat elevated.

We asked celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman for her advice to assist folks with almond-shaped eyes nail any and all eye makeup looks, from lowkey everyday makeup to edgy midnight trends. She's painted the faces of celebrities like as Madison Davenport, Gabriella Pizzolo, and Dascha Polanco, so she knows how to create the most attractive looks for any eye shape.

Continue reading to discover her top tips for embracing almond-shaped eyes. We also included a few favorites

1. Keep your top eyeliner thin.

"Keep eyeliner thin on the top lid and increase it towards the outer 1/4th of the eye to highlight the almond shape," Dorman advises. Kim Kardashian's inky black liner is kept from being too thick in the inner corners, which would cover her lids. Tip: Adding eyelashes and/or mascara can make your eyes appear larger.

2. Fill in the center of your eyes with heavier eyeliner.

Some people with almond-shaped eyes choose to accentuate the shape, while others like to look to have round eyes—all it's a question of personal opinion. If you prefer the latter, Dorman recommends "placing the thickest section of your liner in the center of your top lid." This brings the line into the center and makes the form rounder. We adore IL MAKIAGE Black Card - Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner because it is really pigmented and lasts all day.

3. Make your lashes curly.

It's so basic, but it's so easy to overlook. Squeeze your lashes for a few seconds with your lash curler. Just be sure to choose a curler with a deeper arc and a broader hole to catch every lash. Then, add mascara and admire how big and open your eyes appear. Also, use your curler before, not after, applying mascara. That way, you won't accidentally pull some lashes out. Eek!

4. Apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow to your lids.

"On an almond eye, the crease shade looks best when blended very softly through the front of the crease, with the majority of the intensity on the opposite half of the eye," Dorman adds. That is while doing a cut crease, use a lighter eyeshadow on the lids and mix darker tones towards the rear and top of the lids.

5. Keep your brows light at the ends.

It's not simply eyeing makeup tricks that may make your eyes stand out. Grooming your brows can also help since thick brows can make your eyes appear smaller. "Go light and thin on the outside half of the brow following the arch to bring more brightness to this eye shape," Dorman advises. "This will give the eye a more open appearance."


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