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From the New York Fashion Week runways to our favourite makeup artist recommendations, we've been waiting (OK, scanning social media everyday) for the new year's beauty trends to emerge. Will cosmetics get more daring? Will bleached brows become popular again? (Spoiler alert: it's true!) And, most importantly, will we be able to replicate them?

If you're as enthusiastic as we are about the beauty prediction for 2023, you've come to the perfect spot. We spoke with famous makeup artists Nick Lujan and Jamie Greenberg about the most intriguing beauty trends for 2023 and how to make them your own.

So, what's new this year, and what's staying the same? "Feathered brows will still be trendy, but we are also seeing a resurgence of the bleach brow style," says Lujan. Lips are taking the lead with strong reds, purples, and a lot of high-shine gloss toppers now that pandemic mask regulations have been lifted." What about some more exciting news? "Statement eyes are here to stay!" "Blues, greens, and embellishments will continue through 2023," adds Lujan. "Skinimalism, the barely-there makeup, and skin tints will be everyone's greatest friend," she says of skin.

Are you ready to plunge into the hottest cosmetic trends for 2023? Continue reading for our top, as well as pro makeup techniques for replicating them all at home.

Minimalist Blush

Minimalism is still popular, and there's an emphasis on letting your natural beauty show through with a few simple changes to your beauty regimen. Rather of stacking items in their typical order, we're creating a natural glow. "There's a movement away from stronger blush application and toward a delicate, understated blush-from-within look," Lujan explains. "Cream blush or lipstick are the best products to use for this procedure. After you've prepared and primed your skin, apply a little layer of skin tint or foundation all over it (Lujan uses KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY Stripped Nude Skin Tint). Then, using a blush brush, take up a little amount of cream pigment and test it on the back of your hand before applying it to your cheek.

Bold Blue Eye Makeup

"Blues can be scary; I would start with blue mascara for a gentle step into colour," adds Lujan. "If you are comfortable with blue mascara, you will be cosy with blue eyeliner in the waterline. These two methods may be used with any makeup look, from natural to dramatic, by simply substituting blue liner or mascara for your regular brown and black liner or mascara.

Already a fan of the daring blue? "For makeup junkies, try using a blue colour wash eye," Lujan suggests. It's essentially a smoky eye method using blue instead of dark matte black. With so many different shades of blue, you pick navy, royal, or dazzling blue."

Fun Metallic Lids

Metallics are a year-round favourite, and we're like a metallic eyeshadow kiss on the lids for 2023. Here's how Lujan puts it to use: "Once your skin and brows are complete (using your concealer and setting powder as a base to the eye region), take up a little of your favourite metallic shadow hue with your finger. Keep in mind that metallic shadows are best applied with your fingertips. The metallic shadow should be dabbed and swiped from the middle of the upper lash line outward, ending just shy of the crease. Finish the look with waterline eyeliner and a generous layer of mascara.

Monochrome Makeup

We're big lovers of multitasking when it comes to makeup, so we're excited to see that monochromatic makeup is still popular this season. "A blush hue that doubles as a gentle lip tint and a touch of warmth in the crease of the eye," Lujan recommends. Whether you prefer rose or peach monochromatic makeup or wish to go wild with plum or red, this simple and effective beauty trend will always steal the show.


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