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The Best Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes That Are Hypoallergenic


Eyeliner is one step you absolutely must use when creating great eye makeup looks, like the traditional smokey eye, the vintage cat eye flick, and more. Like the cherry on top, it transforms any eye look from daytime to date night, from simple to bombshell, and from glam to goals. However, if you've ever applied your makeup and felt your eyes begin to tear up or seen redness in your reflection when you peered in the mirror, you could be one of the many people who are sensitive to your eyeliner.

Finding eyeliner that won't bother your eyes can be challenging, especially if you have sensitive skin, wear contact lenses, or are prone to allergies. Use only eye makeup formulations that have been deemed hypoallergenic is a regular recommendation for those with sensitive skin types. But what does this craze with beauty actually mean? Below, we break it all out.

What Does the Label "Hypoallergenic" Mean for Makeup?

Dermatologist Jaimie Glick, MD, notes that when a product is branded as hypoallergenic, the company is asserting that the product has less allergy responses than other goods. An eyeliner (or any other kind of cosmetic product) that is marketed as hypoallergenic is often a reliable sign that it won't irritate the skin. However, there is still confusion in the cosmetics business about what the phrase truly signifies. According to dermatologist Papri Sarkar, MD, "There is no FDA criteria or acknowledged set of outcomes that classifies a product as hypoallergenic." "Brands are allowed to use that phrase to describe whatever product they choose."

According to Sarkar, brands are often excellent about saving the hypoallergenic label for items with a mild ingredient list, but "they don't need to prove at all." The lesson: It's wise to use this label as a reliable starting point rather than assuming that all hypoallergenic formulations are suitable to use on sensitive skin. Then, before deciding whether or not it's a suitable fit for your skin, do a bit more research on what's actually in the mix. Take note of the ingredients on the ingredient list of any eye and skin products you find that doesn't irritate you and try to stick to brands that have those same ingredients.

Do Natural Eyeliners Protect Sensitive Eyes Better?

Although the word "natural" may give the impression that a product is mild on skin, this isn't always the case. In fact, according to Dr. Glick, patients commonly experience adverse reactions from using natural remedies, which usually contain substances like essential oils and plant extracts. Although a vegan or natural-based product won't always work for sensitive skin types, you should still exercise caution when trying them out for the first time. Try seeking for eyeliners that don't include common allergens like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial synthetic perfumes, mineral oil, talc, formaldehyde, carbon black, etc. rather than just sticking with natural forms.

How to Test New Eye Makeup Items Safely

You have therefore discovered an eyeliner that seems to be genuinely hypoallergenic. It's time to put it to the test now. Perform a patch test first, then swipe it onto your eyes. The safest technique for those with sensitive skin to determine how a product will affect their skin is through patch testing. Dr. Sarkar advises applying a small amount of the substance you are concerned about to a spot that won't readily get sweaty, damp, or rubbed in order to do a good patch test at home. "Then, wrap it in Saran wrap and secure it with skin tape or an adhesive plastic bandage.

I advise choosing a location on your body that you wouldn't mind itching and turning red rather than your face, neck, or another very noticeable area. After 24-48 hours, remove the covering to see if the skin is red or inflamed.

1. Best Eyeliner with Skincare Benefits: PHYSICIANS FORMULA Eye Booster™ Lash 2-in-1 Boosting Eyeliner & Serum

This smudge-proof, water-resistant liquid eyeliner not only draws smooth, saturated lines, but it also strengthens lashes. Every time you wear it, the high-tech Japanese formula's lash serum will aid to hydrate, fortify, and condition your lashes. This liquid liner is free of any of the 150+ known harsh elements that are known to irritate skin, just like other PHYSICIANS FORMULA products.

2. The NEUTROGENA® Intense Gel Eyeliner is the best drugstore formulation.

NEUTROGENA very well tops the list of formulations that are kind to the skin. This liner is fantastic since it applies smoothly, is smudge-proof, and dries to a stay-put finish that won't bleed into your eyes or adhere to contact lenses.


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