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Top Green Primer Products to Reduce Redness and Bring in Radiance


A primer with a green-toned foundation can save your makeup if you battle with redness brought on by acne, rosacea, or simply just having a reactive skin type. Green primers have the dual benefits of reducing redness on any skin tone and preparing the skin to ensure that makeup lasts all day.

According to beauty expert Nydia Figueroa, the greatest trick for using the primer is to dab a small amount of it on your ring fingers before blending it into the reddened areas. The middle of the face is typically where people get redness, so start there. Apply the primer, blending it toward the edge of your face. A skincare brush is another tool I use to apply primer flawlessly. Below, you can find some of our favorite green-toned primers that are great for reducing redness.

1. PÜR 4-in-1 Correcting Primer, Best Green Primer for Skincare

According to Figueroa, this primer helps to reduce skin redness while also minimizing small lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture. This item serves as a skin-tone evener, color corrector, cosmetic primer, and redness reducer all in one.

2. MAKE UP For EVER's Best Natural Finish Green Primer The first step is the Redness Corrector and Color Corrector.

Depending on your skin tone requirements, this primer is available in a few different hues and works well with all skin types. Wearing it by itself can help makeup last about 24 hours while also reducing redness. Since years, this item has been a mainstay in Figueroa's beauty collection. In addition to reducing redness, it adds radiance to the complexion and extends the wear time of makeup by 24 hours.

3. HERO COSMETICS Rescue Balm Green Tinted Balm is the best drugstore green primer.

You may get this tinted green balm that helps to immediately lessen the look of redness for less than the price of lunch. To ensure that the finished product matches your skin tone, the composition includes color-changing capsules that activate as you mix into the skin.

4. E.L.F. Tone Adjusting Face Primer is the best matte-finish green primer.

Green primers are also a fantastic technique to hide breakouts of acne. Apply this tone-adjusting primer, which has a silky sensation as it goes on and dries to a matte finish, when you are experiencing an outbreak of inflammation. It works wonders when you have breakouts and are especially greasy.

5. Finest Filter-Effect Green Primer:Photo Finish Correct Anti-Redness Primer by SMASHBOX

You should use this primer if you have dry skin. According to Figueroa, "I would base the kind of green primers you want to use on our skin type and [the product's] finish." "I would focus on a matte finish if you have oily skin, and I would choose a more moisturising formula if you have dry skin."

This moisturizing solution from Clinique also has SPF to protect you from environmental aggressors that might exacerbate existing skin-surface redness.


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